First, let me open with Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are almost halfway through January! It’s that time of year where people reflect on the last year and look forward to this one, and I have spent the last few weeks thinking about this. I don’t generally make resolutions as I am a bit sceptical about anyone’s abilities to follow through. But lately, I don’t feel like I have been living my best life, and this year is already looking to be just as bananas as last year, so I wanted to set out some goals. This year I’m going to try and keep them a little bit more general than most resolutions that I have seen on Insta, or via my friends Facebook accounts. I tend to find them too specific. I.e. I must lose x amount of weight by x amount of time, etc. and for me, that doesn’t work. So here are the main areas of my life that I would like to focus on this year:

Health and Fitness: The last few years I have sporadically focussed on my health and fitness and because of this my weight has yo-yo-ed. Late last year, I joined a cross-fit gym, which I was enjoying. I was going to start back up last week, but I got caught up in both work and my head and didn’t make it, so that will happen this week. I’m going to aim for two sessions a week, and we can see how I go. I have also signed up for eight weeks of pole class with a friend, so I’m hoping that will be a whole heap of fun! 

I will admit that I am ride-or-die, sometimes I am entirely on it and working hard, other times I can’t seem to focus at all and eat I frozen pizza solidly for a month. I have decided that this year will be about what feels best for me, trying to stick to the 90% rule. Consistency. 

Blog/Social Media: Last year, my blog wasn’t consistent, either. I was reacting to my world, rather than being pro-active. This was likely not helped by an interstate move, my first move in 8 years, which, if I’m honest, wasn’t by choice and sucked. This year I would like to change that. I’ve signed up with the girls at work to complete a reading challenge throughout the year. I am so looking forward to this. I’m currently planning what books I will be reading in each category, so I’ll blog about that soon. I’ll be using the blog to track what I am reading.

Places: When I first met my husband, back when we were both sixteen, he and I bonded over our shared appreciation of South America and Cuba. We had always said that when we were thirty, we would go. Then he messed it all up by joining the Australian Defence Force. So we have changed these plans a little. The last three years, we have somehow managed to make three trips to the States. This year, however, is my dream trip. This Christmas we are going to see my girlfriend and her daughter in Germany. I am also excited to travel to the Netherlands (where Grandad is from), before moving onto Eastern Europe. It’s been a dream of mine to go to Russia since I was a teenager, and my mum let me read her copy of Nicholas and Alexander by Robert K Massie. (I now have two copies of this book because I accidentally bought a second copy at an airport). My husband is going along for the ride, so I am so grateful that he is giving me my bucket list holiday. 

BYAC66 Red Square, Saint Basil’s Cathedral at Moscow during Christmas

Australia is currently also suffering under the worst figures in my memory, probably in our history. My hometown has been hit pretty hard. We have been running fundraisers etc. at work, and donating both money and items where we can, but this year I would like to have a few short weekends away with family and friends in fire-affected areas later in the year. #gowithemptyeskies is a movement that has started so that people spend time and money in the communities affected by the fires and help boost their local economies.

At the moment, my primary focus is to channel my motivation into consistency. Someone wise once told me that consistent action creates consistent results, and I’m all for this as a slogan in 2020. I enjoy setting goals and making plans, and I need to dedicate the time to succeed in these areas, need to get it done!

So on that note….

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